Nanoscale Complexity of Arsenic and Selenium in Coal Ash

June 6, 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Nelson Rivera for publishing his paper titled "Nanoscale Heterogeneity of Arsenic and Selenium Species in Coal Fly Ash Particles: Analysis using enhanced spectroscopic imaging and speciation techniques"  today in Environmental Science: Nano! The study examined the chemical forms of arsenic and selenium in coal fly ash particles using synchrotron-based X-ray microscopy methods. The work documents the various mineral phase associations of these toxic elements within individual fly ash particles and demonstrates why there is large variability in the amount of leachable arsenic and selenium between different fly ashes.

Read more about this paper here in this summary written by the Duke Pratt Communications team.  

Rivera, N.A., Ling, F.T., Jin, Z., Pattammattel, A., Yan, H., Chu, Y., Peters, C. and Hsu-Kim, H., 2023. Nanoscale heterogeneity of arsenic and selenium species in coal fly ash particles: Analysis using enhanced spectroscopic imaging and speciation techniques. Environmental Science: Nano.

Coal fly ash heterogeneity