AEESP/Mary Ann Liebert Award for Publication Excellence

April 15, 2019

Congratulations to Grace Schwartz, Duke CEE PhD graduate and alumnus of the Hsu-Kim lab, for winning the 2018 AEESP/Mary Ann Liebert best paper award for her 2018 paper in Environmental Engineering Science!

This award was selected by editorial leadership of the journal as well as the Publications Committee for the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors. In their comments, the selection committee noted:  “This paper was determined to be the best paper published in EES in 2018. The research addresses the important problem of the potential for coal ash deposits to present an environmental hazard by leaching toxic elements including Arsenic and Selenium. The research is novel and significant, demonstrating that existing leaching test protocols provide a good first estimate of leaching potential, but that site biogeochemistry matters significantly for in depth risk assessment. The paper is exceptionally well written, clearly conveying the significance of the work and the broader impacts.”

Congratulations Grace!


Read the paper here (available via open access):

Schwartz, G.E.; Hower, J.C.; Phillips, A.L.; Rivera, N.; Vengosh, A.; Hsu-Kim H. (2018). Ranking coal ash materials for their potential to leach arsenic and selenium: The relative importance of ash chemistry and site biogeochemistry. Environmental Engineering Science. 35(7). 728-738. DOI: 10.1089/ees.2017.0347