instrumentThe Hsu-Kim research group shares the laboratory facilities of the Environmental Engineering group in CEE at Duke. These facilities, located in Hudson Hall, include wet and dry laboratories for research on a range of physical, chemical and microbiological processes in water, air and soil domains.

We employ a number of chemical analyses for our research activities and maintain a suite of instrumentation for this purpose. These insturments and equipment enable the determination of major and trace elements in a wide variety of matrices (water, soil, tissue). Analytical capabilities in our laboratory include:

Student working in lab

  • Cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometer
  • Mercury combustion gold amalgamation atomic absorption spectrometer
  • High performance liquid chromatograph with UV and fluorescence detectors
  • Mercury-gold amalgam solid state microelectrodes
  • Hanging mercury-drop electrode and polarograph
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICP-MS)
  • Temperature-controlled hot block for acid digestions of samples
  • Collimated beam UV photolysis chamber

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